Exclusive interview with Chairman: 

Mr. Aanandha

Mr. Aanandha Sharurajah (formerly known as Ananda Rajah), founder of Atos Group since 1983, is a pioneer in the wellness and beauty industry. He came to Singapore from Malaysia in 1983 with 20,000 ringgit and a big dream to build his wellness business. With a start-up funding from his father, Aanandha started a business selling industrial cleaning machines and later on, selling spa products and beauty equipment.

He is a highly respected person who in the course of building his wellness business, never forgets to give back to society and has contributed to the well-being of others in many ways.

20 years ago in 2002, he participated and supported a charity ride organized by the Sikh Welfare Council where he rode together with more than 30 other cyclists from Ipoh to Singapore, covering 700km over 4 days for a good cause. He would also participate in other charity events as well.

Charity Ride

“I am totally looking forward to this wonderful event as it will benefit 3 wonderful causes and the donations will definitely support them in many ways such as providing for their monthly rations, children’s breakfast as well as festive meals to the needy families.”


Raised funds for various charitable causes including the distribution for food rations to those living in one-room flats and need help.

offering assistance to customers who were left stranded

From 2009 to 2011, Aanandha spearheaded the establishment of the Spa, Beauty and Wellness Alliance (SBWA) to offer assistance to customers who were left stranded by spas that had suddenly ceased operations overnight. Today, despite recovering from stroke and a busy schedule, Aanandha still spends time doing charitable work such as raising funds for community projects.  

Wellness Beyond Profit: Aanandha's Vision for Holistic Wellness

Even with the success of his spa and wellness business today, Aanandha still remains passionate about helping others. His company has contributed their innovative and state-of- the-art wellness equipment to a social project in Toa Payoh to provide holistic treatments for the elderly who cannot afford physiotherapy programmes.

In 2009, he was awarded the Spirit of Enterprise Award.

Overcoming Adversity: Mr. Aanandha's Remarkable Stroke Recovery

However, due to a highly stressed work life, he suffered a devastating stroke in July 2012, which left him paralysed on the right side of his body, requiring the use of a wheelchair for 3 years. Slowly recovering and able to walk with assistance, Mr. Aanandha actively returned to work and to give back to society as usual.

Inspiring Change:

Mr. Aanandha's Ongoing Efforts

Mr. Aanandha was a stroke advocate and served in the executive committee of Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) between 2019 and 2020. He continues to give talks on recovery after stroke, stroke prevention measures to patients and participants of health and wellness workshops as well as giving talks to organisations.

He was also invited to talk at the 13th World Stroke Congress on 28 to 29 October 2021. 

His belief to serve and give back to society while doing business has formed a strong foundation for the group to grow the business.

Mr. Aanandha

A Stroke of Gratitude

His strong will and determination as well as support from families, friends, and employees led to his recovery, which went against many odds as he was informed three month after his onset of stroke, that his recovery had plateaued.

During his course of recovery, Mr. Aanandha has documented his experience, reflections, and hopes his new book will be a powerful inspiration to anyone reading it.

‘Stroke of Gratitude’ was successfully launched in July 2022 in Singapore and in September 2022 in the USA. 

You can get your copy of the book 'Stroke of Gratitude' on Amazon and be inspired by Mr. Aanandha's journey of recovery.

Reach out to us to arrange thought-provoking talks on resilience, positive mindsets and holistic well-being with him.

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